Published On: Tue, Apr 18th, 2017

Twitter could learn from this subreddit about adults who don’t understand social media

Spending time on the internet can be draining. But the best remedy for social media blues is built around the very people who don’t understand it: the OldPeopleFacebook subreddit, aka Cracker Bargel. It’s like dunking my brain into a warm bath. The comments are so nice it would be suspicious, if the posts in question weren’t so earnest.

This subreddit provides a beautiful roadmap for how to create a better internet through playful discussion of clueless subjects. Members submit Facebook posts, text messages, and other examples of confused parents or befuddled neighbors. You know the culprits: moms who mysteriously write in all caps; dads who text cringeworthy dad jokes; grown-ups who struggle with the art of the selfie.

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