Published On: Sat, Feb 18th, 2017

New trailers: Ghost in the Shell, Apple’s first TV shows, and more

It’s always fun seeing locations you recognize pop up in movies. It sort of lets you feel like you’re in on the secret, like you know the world these characters exist in better than they do.

What’s even better, and tougher, is when a film actually tries to inhabit a location, to imbue a location’s attitude throughout the picture. That’s one thing I thought the film adaptation of Fences absolutely nailed (among many others: see its four Oscar nominations).

The city of Pittsburgh is such a part of the movie. The home the characters live in feels like it could be any in the city — your’s, your neighbor’s. There’s a real sense that the city affects them and that they have a life there. It’s all the more important since the story rarely ever…

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