Published On: Sun, Apr 2nd, 2017

iPhone puzzle game Kami 2 goes perfectly with your morning coffee

Each puzzle in Kami 2 looks like something you’d want to put on a wall — you almost don’t want to mess with it to find the solution. But Kami 2 is also more than just a pretty game. Its puzzles, a series of colorful, connected triangles, offer just the right balance between challenge and relaxation. It’s the kind of game that pairs perfectly with a morning cup of coffee.

Kami 2 starts out simple, perhaps a bit too much. The goal in each stage is to turn the patterned screen in front of you into one solid color. To do this, you select colors from the right side of the screen, and use them to “paint” areas of the puzzle. Each stage needs to be completed in a set number of moves. Early on, it’s almost comically easy to solve the puzzles. It…

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